split 7" w/ Pure Graft​(​england)

by Dude Jams



2012 Not Shy Of The Diy


released February 5, 2012


tags: punk Austin


all rights reserved


Dude Jams Austin, Texas

One dumb ass writes the same song over and over again and somehow other people fall for it. We are fucked.

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Track Name: Putting the X in "punx"
keep your "posi" attitude out of my drinking..please refrain from saying anything your thinking..right now me and this drink need to be left alone. And i know you think i'm jaded and i'm too old to understand your post-apocalyptic dress code. and we all got your message, just not all of us really care. I won't apologize my attention span is too short..please call back tomorrow with a new scene report, so i know how to feel and i know how to act. So i know who is real and who to stab in the back, cause thats all that matters when everyone is looking at me.
Track Name: Songs about dying
go ahead and disconnect your heart again..plug back in when your ready to feel. when even talking to yourself is like talking to the wall again...is there really a reason to explain why this does'nt seem real? It's like a one way street with a dead end sign, there's now way out except for out of my mind..it's not that hard to tell that the last 9 years have been hell. waking up empty, hungover and alone is'nt always so bad but it is when it's cold..it's cold all the time. I feel old and left behind...From the one's who can change this not including myself. I can feel it in my chest, I'm not in perfect health. How long will it be, until they're burying me? will i just fall asleep except i'll never wake up? i know it's nothing i can stop, so why should i give a fuck, what will happen to me? what will happen to me?